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Are we really secure?

Are you safe? Install better padlocks, heavier chains, motion detection devices and cyber-security systems.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Question: What is personal security?
  Answer: Personal security is safety, and freedom from risk, danger, fear, anxiety, or doubt.
Question: What are security measures?
  Answer: Security measures are protection and precautions taken by a homeowner, business, or government in order to be secure.
Question: What is the purpose of security?
  Answer: The purpose of security is to protect, guard, defend, and prevent crime, unauthorized access, burglary, attack, sabotage, or espionage.
The root word: Secure     Key words: Secure, Security, Safety, Home Security, Security System     Spanish: Asegure, la Seguridad     French: Sécurité

World Topics from our world ...
Security Access Security Access (2) Security access denied. Security Adviser Security Adviser Who is your security adviser?
Alarm Systems Alarm Systems Security alarm systems. Security Alerts Security Alerts This is a security alert.
Security Arrests Security Arrests Who was arrested, and why? Assurance Assurance We need reasonable assurance.
Authorization Authorization He has my personal authorization. Security Badges Security Badges Employees should wear security badges.
Security Barrier Security Barrier The security barriers were installed. Security Blanket Security Blanket Do you need a security blanket?
Border Security Border Security Is the border secure? Security Breach Security Breach A breach of security.
Surveillance Cameras Surveillance Cameras Redirection to Photography … Security Challenges Security Challenges What are your challenges?
Security Checks Security Checks Rigorous security checks. Security Clampdown Security Clampdown It was a police security clampdown.
Security Clearance Security Clearance Do you have proper clearance? Compromising Security Compromising Security He was compromising security.
Security Concern Security Concern Do you have concerns about security? Security Control Security Control We must control security.
Security Council Security Council Government security council. Credentials Credentials The correct credentials.
Security Decisions Security Decisions What is your decision? Enhanced Security Enhanced Security What can you do to enhance security?
Security Experts Security Experts Who are the experts? False Security False Security A false sense of security.
Security Fears Security Fears They are exploiting security fears. Security Fence Security Fence You need a security fence.
Security Force Security Force Government security forces. Security Gaps Security Gaps Is there a gap in your security?
Security Gate Security Gate Close the gate. Security Guard Security Guard (3) Where is the security guard?
Security Headache Security Headache It can give you a headache. Hidden Hidden It was kept completely hidden.
Security Hole Security Hole Where are the holes? Identity Identity (3) Identity.
Security Improvements Security Improvements Significant security improvements. Security Incident Security Incident Was there another incident?
Keycard Keycard Security Keycard Devices. Security Lockdown Security Lockdown It was a police security lockdown.
Maximum Security Maximum Security Maximum security with minimum disruption. Security Measures Security Measures What measures have you taken?
Monitor Monitor Constantly monitor the situation. Motion Sensor Motion Sensor I know you are here.
National Security National Security This is a matter of national security. Security Objective Security Objective What are the objectives?
Security Officer Security Officer Can you trust him? Security Operation Security Operation The security operations.
Password Security Password Security What is your password? Security Patch Security Patch Can you patch it up?
Security Perimeter Security Perimeter We need wide security perimeters. Permission Permission (2) Do you have permission?
Policy Policy What are the security policies? Poor Security Poor Security The security is poor.
Security Practice Security Practice What are your practices? Security Precaution Security Precaution Stringent security precautions.
Security Problem Security Problem We have a security problem. Security Protection Security Protection (5) Do you have protection?
Proximity Detector Proximity Detector I know you are here. Restoring Security Restoring Security We must restore security.
Security Risk Security Risk What are the risks? Security Safeguard Security Safeguard Nonexistent security safeguards.
Security Scare Security Scare This really scares me. Seaport Security Seaport Security Is our seaports secure?
Security Sensitive Security Sensitive This could be sensitive. Security Service Security Service Internal security service.
Security Situation Security Situation What is the situation? Security Strategy Security Strategy What is your strategy?
Surveillance Surveillance Constant surveillance. Security Threat Security Threat Who is threatening your security?
Tight Security Tight Security Ultra-tight security. Unprecedented Security Unprecedented Security Unprecedented security measures.
Security Violations Security Violations This is a violation of my security. Security Vulnerabilities Security Vulnerabilities You are vulnerable.
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National Security Council

National Security Agency (NSA)

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - Homeland Security Department

Defense Security Service (DSS)

Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission)

Bureau of Industry and Security (formerly the Bureau of Export Administration)

Gobal Security

Arms Control and International Security

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Words of Wisdom Reference
And when they had taken security of Jason, and of the other, they let them go.   Acts 17:9 
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Message Details:
Take necessary measures
Author: Dominique de Villepin
We want to take all the necessary measures for the security of our citizens.
Author: Unknown
Security of our people and our assets must never be taken for granted.
Safer vs Safe
Author: George Bush
We are safer, but we are not yet safe.
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