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Concepts to think and talk about.

What do you think about some of these topics?
The root word: Concept     The key word: Concepts     Spanish: Conceptos

World Topics from our world ...
Accelerate Accelerate Quick acceleration. Accessible Accessible It is easily accessible?
Adjustments Adjustments What needs to change? Agenda Agenda (2) What is your agenda?
Alarm Alarm It was just a false alarm. Amount Amount (2) What is the amount?
Analysis Analysis (3) What is your analysis? Animation Animation State of suspended animation.
Anticipate Anticipate This was highly anticipated. Appear Appear Unexpected appearance.
Approach Approach You need a fresh approach. Approval Approval May I have your approval?
Attempt Attempt (3) What was your latest attempt? Attention Attention (8) May I have your attention?
Audience Audience A big audience. Authority Authority I have limited authority.
Aware Aware This has increased my awareness. Balance Balance You need a balance.
Barrier Barrier A formidable barrier. Battle Battle Prolonged battles.
Belief Belief Belief. Best Best (2) I want the best.
Better Way Better Way There is a better way to do things. Break Break (4) Who broke it?
Burden Burden (2) Ever-increasing burdens of life. Calibrate Calibrate Carefully calibrated equipment.
Calm Calm Today was relatively calm. Capability Capability (2) What is your capability.
Capacity Capacity (2) Do we have spare capacity? Captivity Captivity It was a blissful captivity.
Cause Cause (4) What was the cause? Caution Caution Extreme caution is required.
Precaution Precaution Extreme precautions. Challenge Challenge (8) Challenge me.
Chance Chance We need a second chance. Change Change (32) I don't like changes!
Choice Choice Difficult choices to make. Clean Clean Keeping clean.
Coincidence Coincidence Happy coincidences. Collapse Collapse It was a sudden collapse.
Comfort Comfort Familiar Comfort. Common Good Common Good Do it for the common good.
Common Occurrence Common Occurrence Fairly common occurrence Commotion Commotion There is an occasional commotion.
Competition Competition (5) Who is your competition? Complex Complex Life is complex.
Component Component What are the major components? Compromise Compromise Last-Ditch Compromise.
Concern Concern (4) What is your biggest concern? Condition Condition (12) What are the conditions?
Consistency Consistency Consistency. Consolation Consolation Little consolation.
Contribution Contribution Significant contribution. Control Control (14) Everything is under control.
Crack Crack Tiny little cracks in the wall. Crisis Crisis What is the current crisis?
Crystal Clear Crystal Clear Is it clear enough yet? Damage Damage (16) What kind of damage?
Damage Control Damage Control Can you control the damage? Danger Danger (11) Run away from danger.
Decision Decision I am deciding what to do. Deep and Wide Deep and Wide How deep and wide was it?
Defeat Defeat Why were they defeated? Deficiency Deficiency Obvious deficiencies.
Demand Demand What is the demand? Devastation Devastation Utter devastation.
Development Development Dramatic developments. - (Product or news) Difference Difference You can make a big difference.
Difficulties Difficulties (3) We never said it would be easy. Dimension Dimension Different dimensions.
Diplomacy Diplomacy Successful diplomacy. Direction Direction I need direction.
Discovery Discovery Accidental discoveries. Discrepancies Discrepancies There are some discrepancies.
Disguise Disguise Switching disguises. Distract Distract There are so many distractions.
Divide Divide (2) Why are we divided? Doubt Doubt We have some reasonable doubts.
Drama Drama His life is a real drama. Dream Dream (3) I have a dream.
Duties and Responsibilities Duties and Responsibilities What is your duty? Eavesdropping Eavesdropping What did you say?
Edge Edge (2) We are on the edge. Effect Effect (6) What are the effects?
Effective Way Effective Way What is the most effective way? Efficiency Efficiency (2) Are you efficient?
Effort Effort (15) My job requires great effort. Elusive Elusive It was elusive.
Emergencies Emergencies (7) Prepare for an emergency. Emergency Measure Emergency Measure Emergency measures.
Virtually Empty Virtually Empty It was virtually empty. Energize Energize Re-energize your life.
Enough Enough How much is enough? Environment Environment (5) Tell us about your environment.
Error Error (5) Human errors. Escalation Escalation (2) Things are escalating.
Estimate Estimate (3) What is your estimate? Exact Exact I want to be exact.
Exception Exception Rare exceptions. Exit Exit Closed Exits.
Expect Expect (8) What do you expect? Expose Truth Expose Truth The truth will be known.
Extraction Extraction Extraction. Extremism Extremism Don't be so extreme.
Factor Factor (5) What is the factor? Fail Fail (8) We all fail sometimes.
Famine Famine I am hungry. Fast Fast Are we fast enough yet?
Fate Fate Uncertain fate. Favor Favor Favor of God and man.
Fight Fight (2) I fought the good fight. Fix Fix I need a quick fix.
Flaw Flaw (4) Do you have flaws? Flexible Flexible I am extremely flexible.
Focus Focus Narrow focus. Force Force Deadly force.
Forgive Others Forgive Others I am forgiven. Fortified Fortified The city was heavily fortified.
Free Free I am free. Fringe Fringe The outer fringes.
Glitch Glitch Hardware glitches. Gratification Gratification Instant Gratification.
Gray Gray Some things are a little Gray. Growth Growth (7) We are growing.
Guard Guard Heavily guarded. Harm Harm He suffered the greatest harm.
Hazard Hazard (4) Hazards. High High How high is it?
Hurdle Hurdle (2) Hurdles. Ice Ice Thin Ice.
Ignorance Ignorance She was blissfully ignorant. Impact Impact (6) What is the impact of your decisions?
Impasse Impasse Precarious Impasse. Implication Implication Clear implication.
Important Important (2) What is really important in life? Improve Improve (2) I am Improving.
Increase Increase (2) I want to see increase. Indicator Indicator What is the best indicator.
Influence Influence Enormous Influence. Information Information Valuable Information.
Infrastructure Infrastructure Critical Infrastructure. Insecure World Insecure World The world is an insecure place.
Inspect Inspect (2) Close Inspection. Instinct Instinct How did they know?
Intelligence Intelligence Intelligent Life. Interference Interference What is causing the interference?
Intervention Intervention Divine Intervention. Intrusion Intrusion Unnecessary government intrusion.
Juncture Juncture Crucial junctures. Labor-Intensive Labor-Intensive It is very labor intensive.
Last Resort Last Resort What is your last resort? Leap Leap Radical leap.
Learning Curve Learning Curve Steep Learning Curve Level Level (3) The new levels.
Limit Limit (4) What are your limitations? Lines Lines (3) Where do you draw the line?
Link Link (2) Everything is linked together. Logic Logic (2) Are you being logical?
Loss Loss Absolute Loss Lost Forever Lost Forever Are you lost?
Maintenance Maintenance Routine Maintenance Majority Majority Substantial majority.
Maneuver Maneuver Delicate Maneuvers Manipulation Manipulation Don't try to manipulate me.
Measure Measure (6) Measures. Memories Memories They are distant memories.
Mercy Mercy God's Great Mercy. Mess Up Mess Up It is all messed up.
Milestone Milestone Major symbolical milestones. Miss Miss (2) Is something missing?
Mission Critical Mission Critical Everything depends on it. Mistake Mistake Past mistakes.
Moment Moment Profound moments. Momentum Momentum We are gaining momentum.
Moral Imperative Moral Imperative Do the right thing. Motion Motion (6) Everything is in motion.
Motivation Motivation Sufficient motivation. Movement Movement (2) Movement.
Multitude Multitude Great multitudes. Mutually Exclusive Mutually Exclusive It is mutually exclusive.
Mysteries Mysteries Big Mystery Name Name You have a great name.
Natural Natural What is natural? Normal Normal What is normal?
Nuisances Nuisances (2) Little nuisances bother me. Observe Observe It was closely observed.
Obsolescence Obsolescence Impending obsolescence. Obstacle Obstacle (4) What are your obstacles?
Occurrence Occurrence It was a freak occurrence. Okay Okay I am okay.
Open Open (2) We are open. Opportunity Opportunity (2) Window of Opportunity
Opposition Opposition (2) Opposition. Organization Organization Organization skills.
Pace Pace (2) Work at your own pace. Path Path (3) What path are you following?
Pattern Pattern (4) Is there a pattern? Perception Perception (2) Your perceptions.
Perfect Perfect Are you perfect? Peril Peril You are in imminent peril.
Permission Permission (5) Do you have permission? Differing Perspectives Differing Perspectives Differing perspectives.
Pervasive Pervasive Pervasive. Phase Phase (3) What are the phases?
Phenomenon Phenomenon (4) It is happening again. Physical Connection Physical Connection Who touched me?
Physical Manifestation Physical Manifestation I can see it. Pity Pity I have no pity for evil people.
Point Point (7) What is your point? Polarize Polarize Polarize.
Policies Policies (2) What are the policies? Popular Popular (3) Are you popular?
Populate Populate The city was densely populated. Position Position (6) Positions.
Possibilities Possibilities (6) It is possible. Poverty Poverty Endemic poverty.
Power Power (6) Are you seeking power? Precious Precious What is most precious to you.
Preparation Preparation (4) Prepare the way. Pressure Pressure (9) The pressure is on me.
Priority Priority What is your top priority? Privacy Privacy Some privacy concerns.
Privilege Privilege Awesome privilege. Process Process (5) What is the process?
High Profile High Profile High Profile. Progress Progress (9) Are you making progress?
Proof-of-Concept Proof-of-Concept (2) Can you prove your concepts? Proportion Proportion Epidemic proportions.
Protect Protect We need protection. Public Public (15) The general public.
Publicity Publicity (4) Publicity. Purpose Purpose (2) What is your purpose in life?
Pursuit Pursuit (2) What are you pursuing? Quantum Leap Quantum Leap Take a quantum leap.
Quiet Quiet (2) It was quiet last night. Ramifications Ramifications Broader ramifications.
Reaction Reaction (9) What was the reaction? Realistic Realistic Quite realistic.
Realities Realities (5) What is real? Recycle Recycle Recycle kitchen scraps.
Reflection Reflection Reflection. Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Compliance Regulatory compliance.
Release Release Release me. Reliable Reliable Is it completely reliable?
Relief Relief We need relief. Require Require What are the requirements?
Resistance Resistance (2) Resistance. Response Response (11) Strong responses.
Responsibility Responsibility (2) I have new responsibilities. Restrict Restrict (3) Restrict.
Result Result (5) What are the results? Revelation Revelation (2) Revelation.
Risk Risk (13) What are you willing to risk? Rough Edge Rough Edge Rough edges need to be smoothed out.
Routine Review Routine Review Routine reviews. Run Run (2) What are you running from or to?
Safe Safe (16) Are you safe? Safety Seminars Safety Seminars Safety Seminars.
Scrutiny Scrutiny (2) Scrutiny. Search Search (9) What are you looking for?
Secrets Secrets (5) What is your secret? Setback Setback Major setback.
Shift Shift (3) Something has changed. Shortages Shortages Did you run out again?
Shouts Inaudible Shouts Inaudible What did you say? Sign Sign (4) Signs of the times.
Signal Signal Did you get the signal? Signature Signature Formal signature.
Significant Things Significant Things (2) Significant Things. Silence Silence (6) The sound of silence.
Silver Bullets Silver Bullets Do silver bullets really work? Silver Linings Silver Linings Look for a silver lining.
Sleep Sleep Deep Sleep Small Small It is infinitely small.
Sophisticate Sophisticate (2) Sophisticate. Sound Proof Sound Proof I can't hear you.
Speculation Speculation Mounting speculation. Speed Speed Surprising speed.
Spot Spot (3) Spots on the wall. Stability Stability I am completely stable.
Stage Stage Early stages Standard Standard (2) Set the standard.
Start Start (8) You have to start somewhere. Status Status (4) What is your status?
Steps Steps What is the obvious next step. Strategy Strategy (2) What is your strategy?
Streams Streams (2) Endless stream. Strength Strength Incredible strength.
Stress Stress How can I reduce stress? Strong Strong I am getting stronger everyday.
Structured Approach Structured Approach One step at a time. Success Success (5) The road to success.
Support Support (4) You need a support system. Surplus Surplus It is nice to have a surplus.
Surprise Surprise (4) I like surprises. Survey Situation Survey Situation Survey the situation.
Symbol Symbol What does that symbol mean? Synchronize Synchronize We need to get synchronized.
Task Task (8) Tasks to accomplish. Teamwork Teamwork Let's work together.
Technology Technology Redirection to Technology … Tension Tension Perpetual tension.
Terms Terms What are your terms? Test Test (3) What are you testing for?
Touch of God Touch of God Has God touched you? Track Record Track Record Poor Track Record.
Transform Transform Transform. Transgressions Transgressions Small Transgressions
Transition Transition (5) I am going through transition. Trend Trend (4) What are the trends?
Trial and Error Trial and Error Try to get it right. Trouble Trouble Major Trouble
Trust Trust Trust. Upside Down Upside Down Turning your world upside down.
Value Value I must maintain my personal values. Vanish Vanish Where did they go?
Variation Variation Notice the extensive variations. Victory Victory (5) I have the victory.
Visible Visible (2) It is visible. Void Void This is void where prohibited.
Warm Warm Don't be luke warm. Whistle Blower Whistle Blower Blow the whistle loud and long.
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