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Holidays, observances, and celebrations.

Happy holidays.
Holiday, Ash Wednesday, Boxing Day, Canada Day, Chinese Lunar New Year, Christmas, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Gift, Jesus Christ, Christmas Light, Mistletoe, Ornament, Sleigh Bell, Christmas Tree, Cinco de Mayo, Civic Holiday, Canada, Columbus Day, U.S, Daylight Savings Time, Daylight Savings Time Begins, Daylight Savings Time Ends, Holiday Decoration, Easter, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Monday, Easter Sunday, Easter Sunrise Service, Election Day, U.S, Fall Equinox, Family Day, Father's Day, Feast of Tabernacles, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Good Friday, Grandparent's Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Menorah, Independence Day, U.S, Jewish New Year, Jewish Passover, Labor Day, Labour Day, Canada, Labor Day, U.S, Lent, Lincoln's Birthday, U.S, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, Memorial Day, U.S, Mother's Day.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Question: What is a holiday?
  Answer: A holiday is a day or period of time that has been dedicated to celebrate a special event or person. Holidays can be a holy day for religious observance. Holidays are often used as a vacation or time off from work.
The root word: Holiday     Key words: Holidays, Observances, and Celebrations     Spanish: Vacaciones     French: Vacances

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Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday. Boxing Day Boxing Day Boxing day, Canada.
Canada Day Canada Day Canada day, Canada. Chinese Lunar New Year Chinese Lunar New Year Chinese Lunar new year.
Christmas Christmas (9) Happy birthday Jesus. Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo.
Civic Holiday, Canada Civic Holiday, Canada Civic Holiday, Canada. Columbus Day, U.S Columbus Day, U.S Columbus day, U.S.
Daylight Savings Time Daylight Savings Time (2) daylight Savings Time. Holiday Decoration Holiday Decoration Holiday decorations.
Easter Easter (4) Jesus rose from the dead! Election Day, U.S Election Day, U.S Election day in the U.S.A.
Fall Equinox Fall Equinox The fall equinox. Family Day Family Day Family day, Canada (Alberta).
Father's Day Father's Day Hi dad. Feast of Tabernacles Feast of Tabernacles The feast of tabernacles.
Flag Day Flag Day Flag day. Fourth of July Fourth of July We are free.
Good Friday Good Friday Good Friday (Holiday in Canada). Grandparent's Day Grandparent's Day Grandparent's day.
Halloween Halloween Halloween is scary. Hanukkah Hanukkah Hanukkah (Chanukah).
Independence Day, U.S Independence Day, U.S Independence day, U.S. Jewish New Year Jewish New Year Jewish New Year.
Jewish Passover Jewish Passover Jewish Passover. Labor Day Labor Day (2) Labor day, the first Monday in September.
Lent Lent What are you doing for Lent? Lincoln's Birthday, U.S Lincoln's Birthday, U.S Lincoln's Birthday, U.S.
Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) January 6 - Eat, drink and celebrate till midnight. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Martin Luther King, Jr., day, U.S (Observed)
Memorial Day, U.S Memorial Day, U.S We remember. Mother's Day Mother's Day Hi mom.
New Year New Year Happy new year. Orthodox Easter Sunday Orthodox Easter Sunday Orthodox Easter Sunday.
Orthodox Lent Begins Orthodox Lent Begins Orthodox Lent Begins. Palm Sunday Palm Sunday Palm Sunday.
Passover Passover (2) The angel has passed over. Pentecost Pentecost Pentecost day.
President's Day, U.S (Observed) President's Day, U.S (Observed) President's day, U.S (Observed). Remembrance Day, Canada (Alberta) Remembrance Day, Canada (Alberta) Remembrance day, Canada (Alberta).
Spring Equinox Spring Equinox Spring Equinox. St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day Are you wearing something green?
Succoth Succoth Succoth. Summer Solstice Summer Solstice The summer solstice.
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving (2) Give thanks to God. Valentines Day Valentines Day Will you be my valentine?
Veteran's Day USA Veteran's Day USA Veteran's day, U.S. Victoria Day Canada Victoria Day Canada Victoria day, Canada.
Washington's Birthday USA Washington's Birthday USA Washington's Birthday, U.S. Winter Solstice Winter Solstice Winter Solstice.
Yom Kippur Yom Kippur Jewish day of Atonement.
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