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Government and Politics

Are you interested in politics or public affairs?
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The root word: Politic     Key words: Politics, Political     Spanish: La política, Político     French: Politique

World Topics from our world ...
Political Action Political Action Political action committees. Political Activism Political Activism Political activism.
Political Affairs Political Affairs Political affairs. Political Agendas Political Agendas What is your agenda?
Political Allies Political Allies Some political allies. Political Ambition Political Ambition What is your ambition?
Political Analyst Political Analyst Political analysts. Political Appointee Political Appointee Political appointees.
Political Battle Political Battle Political battles. Political Border Political Border Political borders.
Political Campaign Political Campaign It was an aggressive campaign. Political Candidate Political Candidate Congressional candidates.
Political Career Political Career A career in politics. Political Ceremony Political Ceremony Political ceremony.
Political Change Political Change It is time for a change. Political Clout Political Clout Political clout.
Political Collapse Political Collapse On the verge of political collapse. Political Conflict Political Conflict A political conflict.
Political Consequence Political Consequence What are the political consequences? Conservative Politics Conservative Politics I tend to be conservative.
Political Consideration Political Consideration Some political considerations. Political Contribution Political Contribution Political campaign contributions.
Political Control Political Control Who has control? Political Controversy Political Controversy What did they do?
Political Cooperation Political Cooperation Political cooperation. Political Correct Political Correct What is the correct thing to do?
Political Crisis Political Crisis This could be a crisis. Political Deadlock Political Deadlock Now what?
Political Debates Political Debates The debates continue. Political Defeat Political Defeat Political defeat.
Democratic Party Democratic Party Democrats are liberal. Political Dialogue Political Dialogue Can we talk about it?
Political Difference Political Difference There will always be differences. Political Dilemma Political Dilemma A political dilemma.
Political Disaster Political Disaster It was a disaster. Political Dissent Political Dissent Political dissent.
Political Division Political Division Political divisions. Political Drama Political Drama Political drama.
Political Fallout Political Fallout Political fallout. Political Favor Political Favor Can you do me a favor?
Political Figures Political Figures Who are they? Political Framework Political Framework Political framework.
Political Fundraiser Political Fundraiser Where will the money come from? Political Gain Political Gain He did it for political gain.
Political Haggling Political Haggling Political haggling. Political Hurdle Political Hurdle What are the hurdles?
Political Impact Political Impact He made a political impact. Politically Independent Politically Independent He was political independent.
Political Influence Political Influence What is your influence? Political Instability Political Instability Political instability.
Political Interest Political Interest What are your interests? Political Interference Political Interference Political interference.
Political Journalist Political Journalist He was a political journalist. Political Leader Political Leader Who are your leaders?
Political Legacy Political Legacy What is your legacy? Liberal Politics Liberal Politics Are you a liberal?
Political Life Political Life Political life. Political Maneuver Political Maneuver Political maneuvering.
Political Mishaps Political Mishaps How did that happen? Politically Motivated Politically Motivated What are your motivations?
Political Negotiations Political Negotiations Political negotiations. Political Obstacles Political Obstacles Political obstacles to overcome.
Political Opposition Political Opposition Who is the political opposition? Political Organizer Political Organizer Political organizer.
Political Party Political Party What party are you affiliated with? Political Patronage Political Patronage Political patronage.
Political Perspective Political Perspective From a political perspective. Political Point Political Point What is your point of view?
Polarized Politics Polarized Politics Polarized politics. Popular Politician Popular Politician Who is your favorite politician.
Political Position Political Position What is your position? Political Preference Political Preference What is your political preference?
Political Pressure Political Pressure Political pressure. Political Prisoner Political Prisoner He was a political prisoner.
Political Problem Political Problem What are the problems? Political Process Political Process What is the process?
Political Progress Political Progress Making political progress. Political Prominence Political Prominence Political prominence.
Political Propaganda Political Propaganda It sounds like propaganda to me. Political Protest Political Protest What are you protesting?
Political Rallies Political Rallies Political rallies. Political Reform Political Reform We need political reform.
Political Repercussions Political Repercussions Political repercussions. Republican Party Republican Party Republicans are conservative.
Political Rival Political Rival Who is your rival? Political Roadblock Political Roadblock What is stopping you?
Political Scandal Political Scandal Political and legal scandals. Political Scene Political Scene The political scene.
Political Science Political Science Political science. Political Shift Political Shift There has been a political shift.
Political Situation Political Situation What is the situation? Political Solutions Political Solutions Political solution.
Political Speeches Political Speeches Who wrote that speech? Political Stalemate Political Stalemate A political stalemate.
Political Statements Political Statements What did they say? Political Strategy Political Strategy What is your strategy?
Political Struggle Political Struggle Political power struggles. Political Support Political Support Who are you supporting?
Political Tests Political Tests This is only a test. Political Triumph Political Triumph It was a political triumph.
Political Trouble Political Trouble Political trouble. Political Uncertainty Political Uncertainty Political uncertainty.
Political Upheaval Political Upheaval Political upheaval. Political Victory Political Victory It was a landslide victory.
Political Views Political Views What are your views? Political Woes Political Woes Woe is me.
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Political Affairs (State Department)

Real Clear Politics

News, comment and analysis about politics.

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Political consideration
Author: Barney Frank
Political considerations are inevitable in anything we do.
Private lives
Author: Tony Blair
Politicians are entitled to private lives, the same as anyone else.
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