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Do other people like you?

How do I relate to others, and how do other people relate to me? We have our families and friends, but what about everybody else? What about our boss at work? The teacher at school? How do you relate the your local community?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Question: What is a relationship?
  Answer: A relation is a connection between two or more people by birth, blood or marriage. Relationships can be business, social, romantic, or emotional attachment between individuals.
The root word: Relate     The key word: Relationships     Spanish: Relaciones

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Abandon Abandon She felt completely abandoned. Abusive People Abusive People Abusive people and relationships.
Acknowledge Others Acknowledge Others Acknowledge the presence of others. Acquaintance Acquaintance Should old acquaintance be forgotten?
Acts of Service Acts of Service I love you. Mutual Admiration Mutual Admiration Mutual admiration.
Affection Affection We are so happy together. Allies Allies Who are your closest allies?
Ally Ally Who is your biggest ally? Alone Alone She was all alone.
Argument Argument You don't have to fight about it. Assist Assist Providing assistance.
Attention Attention (2) I need your attention. Attract Attract What attracted you here?
Awkward Moment Awkward Moment It was an awkward moment. Mutually Beneficial Relationship Mutually Beneficial Relationship Mutually beneficial relationship.
Beyond Ourselves Beyond Ourselves We need to go beyond ourselves. Blame Others Blame Others Why are you blaming others?
Bond Bond We share a lifelong bond. Boundaries Boundaries He has no boundaries.
Bride Bride Are you ready? Bridge Bridge (2) Bridges connect you to other people.
Broken Relation Broken Relation The relationship has been broken. Chilly and Cordial Chilly and Cordial Chilly and cordial relationships.
Chivalry Chivalry Chivalry. Close Relation Close Relation (2) We have a very close relationship.
Codependent Relationship Codependent Relationship Are you codependent? Coexistence Coexistence Peaceful coexistence.
Commit Commit (3) Are you committed? Communication Communication We have a lack of communication.
Community Community Tightly knit community. Companion Companion Who is your companion?
Compatibility Compatibility Are you compatible with your friend? Concubine Concubine Are concubines still legal?
Conflict Conflict (2) Conflicts in relationships. Confrontation Confrontation No confrontation.
Contact Contact I have direct contact. Cooperate Cooperate Cooperate with each other.
Young Couple Young Couple I enjoy seeing young couples. Common Courtesy Common Courtesy Common courtesy.
Coworker Coworker Tell us about your coworkers. Crisis Crisis Resolving crisis in your relationships.
Crossed Paths Crossed Paths Have we ever crossed paths? Cultural Awareness Cultural Awareness Be aware of the culture.
Dating and Courtship Dating and Courtship (9) Are you old enough to be dating? Dependence Dependence (2) Dependence.
Develop Relationship Develop Relationship Developing relationships. Unreconciled Difference Unreconciled Difference Do you have unreconciled differences?
Disappointment Disappointment We all have disappointments. Divorce Divorce (2) Goodbye!
Dominance Dominance Should you assert dominance? Draw Near Draw Near Drawing near to each other.
Embrace Embrace Warm embrace. Emotion Emotion Redirection to Emotions …
Encourage Interaction Encourage Interaction Encourage interaction. Engage Engage Engaged But Not Yet Married.
Engage Others Engage Others Engage others in conversation. Establish Relationship Establish Relationship Established relationships.
Etiquette Etiquette Be nice around other people. Face to Face Face to Face I want to talk to you face to face.
Families Families Redirection to Family … Farewell Farewell A fond farewell.
Find Fault Find Fault Don't find faults in others. Favor Favor I want favor with God and man.
Fellowship Fellowship We enjoy your fellowship. Friend Friend (15) Do you have friends?
Game Game Don't play guessing games. Relationship with God Relationship with God Relationship with God.
Good Relationship Good Relationship Do you have a good relationship? Awkward Greeting Awkward Greeting Awkward greeting.
Growing Relationship Growing Relationship Gradually growing relationships. Hold Grudge Hold Grudge Don't hold grudges.
Guest Guest Be my guest. Heart Break Heart Break She is breaking my heart.
Hugs Hugs (2) Hug me close. Hurt Hurt I feel hurt.
Mistaken Identity Mistaken Identity Mistaken identity. Impression Impression (4) Impression you make.
Influence Influence (4) Who is influencing you? Intervention Intervention Do you need intervention?
Intimidation Intimidation Intimidation tactics. Introduce Introduce May I introduce myself?
Intimately Involved Intimately Involved They were intimately involved. Irritation Irritation Just a minor irritation.
Isolation Isolation Isolation. I know you I know you Do I know you?
Lonely Heart Lonely Heart She had a lonely heart. Love and Romance Love and Romance (14) Do you love me?
Manipulation Manipulation Do you manipulate others? Marriage Marriage (6) Are you married?
Meaningful Relationship Meaningful Relationship Meaningful relationships. Mentor Mentor Do you have a mentor?
Misunderstand Misunderstand It was a simple misunderstanding. Mutual Interest Mutual Interest Mutual Interests.
Mutual Understanding Mutual Understanding Do you understand me? Nag Nag Please don't nag me.
Neighbor Neighbor (5) Who is your neighbor? Never-Alone Never-Alone You are never alone.
Offense Offense Unpardonable offenses. Opponents Disagreed Opponents Disagreed Opponents Disagreed.
Outreach Outreach Reach out to help others. Partner Partner (5) Do you have a partner?
Peer Pressure Peer Pressure Do you listen to your peers? Perfect Match Perfect Match Perfect match.
Personal Attention Personal Attention I need some personal attention. Physical Contact Physical Contact Limited physical contact.
Physical Touch and Closeness Physical Touch and Closeness I love you. Popular Popular I want instant popularity.
Presence Presence Your Presence Proper Relationship Proper Relationship Proper relationships.
Reconciliation Reconciliation (2) Reconciliation Rejection Rejection (2) Rejection.
Reputation Reputation Your reputation is important. Restoration Restoration Restoration.
Tearfully Reunited Tearfully Reunited They were tearfully reunited. Rocky Relationship Rocky Relationship Rocky relationships.
Romance Romance (5) Romance. Romantic Life Romantic Life (2) Experiences of romantic life
Roommate Roommate Who was your roommate? Unfairly Scrutinized Unfairly Scrutinized Are you being unfairly scrutinized?
Serious Relationship Serious Relationship Serious Relationship. Single Single (3) Are you single?
Smile Smile She was randomly smiling. Social Social (8) Do you enjoy social situations?
Breathing Space Breathing Space I need space to breathe. Special Relationship Special Relationship (2) You are special.
Steady Relationship Steady Relationship Steady Relationship. Stranger Stranger They were complete strangers.
Strong Relationship Strong Relationship Strong relationships. Support Support (3) Support.
Sympathetic Ear Sympathetic Ear She has a sympathetic ear. Teamwork Teamwork Work together as a team.
Being Together Being Together Just being together. Touch Touch Appropriate touching and inappropriate touching.
Treatment Treatment (3) Treatment. Build Trust Build Trust Build trust in a relationship.
Weird Relationship Weird Relationship I don't understand it. Withdraw Completely Withdraw Completely He was completely whitdrawn.
Working Relationship Working Relationship Direct working relationships
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I like you.
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What would you do if … I said I liked you.
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We laugh together, we cry together, we smile together, and we talk together.
Find ways
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We can find ways to live and work together.
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