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What is your personality type?

What kind of person are you? What do you tend to do when no one is watching? How do you act in public? Tell us about yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Question: What is human personality?
  Answer: Personality is the unique characteristics of a specific person. It includes: character qualities, mental thoughts, emotional feelings, temperament, and social behavior.
  Note: These visible distinctive traits are what tend to impress other people.
The root word: Person     Key words: Person, Personality     Spanish: Personalidad

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Accept Accept Self Acceptance. Achieve Achieve High-Achieving.
Active Active I try to stay active. Affection Affection She was unusually affectionate.
Agility Agility Agility. Always Always I always try my best.
Ambitious Ambitious Are you ambitious? Appeal Appeal She has irresistible appeal.
Appetite Appetite I have a big appetite. Articulate Articulate Can we talk about it?
Artistic Artistic You have a real gift. Athletic Athletic Are you athletic?
Attention Attention Pay attention to me. Attitude Attitude (15) Personal inward attitudes.
Aware Aware She has a keen awareness. Awkward Awkward Some people are excessively awkward.
Different Backgrounds Different Backgrounds Different backgrounds Human Behavior Human Behavior (52) External behavioral characteristics.
Being Human Being Human I am just being human. Belong Belong Personal belongings.
Big Shot Big Shot He was a big shot. Blissfully Oblivious Blissfully Oblivious Blissfully Oblivious.
Brag Brag Please don't brag. Breakthrough Breakthrough I need a breakthrough.
Bright Bright You are bright. Bubbly Bubbly I love to talk and laugh.
Burden Burden He was carrying a burden. Busy Busy Is your life busy?
Calm Calm (3) Please calm down. Caring Caring I care about you.
Caution Caution (3) Use caution. Character Qualities Character Qualities (60) What character qualities do you have?
Charisma Charisma Charisma. Charm Charm You are charming.
Cheer Cheer Smile, and be happy. Childish Childish Childishness and foolishness.
Right Choice Right Choice I made the right choice. Clever Clever You are clever.
Closet Dweller Closet Dweller Come out and join the rest of us. Clumsy People Clumsy People He was horribly clumsy.
Codependent Tendencies Codependent Tendencies Are you codependent? Comfort Comfort I need personal comfort.
Commit Commit Make a Commitment. Compassion Compassion She was moved with compassion.
Complacent Complacent Complacent. Complain Complain What is your complaint?
Composure Composure Maintain your composure. High Concentration High Concentration He has a high level of concentration.
Concern Concern (2) What are your concerns? Conduct Conduct (2) Conduct.
Confidence Confidence (7) I am confident that I can do it. Conform Conform Conformity.
Conscience Conscience (2) Do you have a conscience? Conscientious Conscientious Conscientious.
Notoriously Conservative Notoriously Conservative He was notoriously conservative. Control Control Control yourself.
Conviction Conviction He has some deep convictions. Cooperative and Uncooperative Cooperative and Uncooperative She was fully cooperative.
Courage Courage Courage. Courteous Courteous Courteous manner.
Coward Coward Don't be a coward. Crazy Crazy She was slightly crazy.
Creativity Creativity She was creativity. Creative Creative Be creative.
Cruel Cruel Extremely cruel person. I Cry I Cry Sometimes I cry.
Curiosity Curiosity (4) Tell me why. I Dance I Dance I dance.
Daring Daring I dare you to do it. Deceive Deceive She was easily deceived.
Decent Decent I am a decent person. Dedicate Dedicate He was dedicated to his job.
Defeat Defeat Don't be defeated. Deliberate Deliberate It was a deliberate act.
Demand Demand Why are you so demanding? Depend Depend You can depend on me.
Depression Depression Great depression. Desperate Desperate She was desperate.
Determined Determined I am determined. Devastating Devastating It was devastating.
Dignity Dignity (2) Keep your personal dignity. Disappoint Disappoint (2) I am disappointed with you.
Discipline Discipline Poor discipline. Discretion Discretion Use some discretion.
Disgrace Disgrace You are a disgrace. Disillusion Disillusion Are you disillusioned?
Distinct Distinct He was a man of distinction. Distract Distract She was easily distracted.
Doubt Doubt Do you have doubts? Doubt and Fear Doubt and Fear He had doubts and fear.
Down to Earth Down to Earth He was down to earth. Dramatic Dramatic She was so dramatic.
Dream Dream What are your dreams? Driven Driven I am driven.
Easy Going Easy Going He was real easy going. Embarrass Embarrass Don't embarrass me.
Emotion Emotion Redirection to Emotions … Empathy Empathy Ability to feel what others feel.
Energy Level Energy Level (4) What is your energy level? Rules of Etiquette Rules of Etiquette What are the rules of etiquette?
Excite Excite (2) Get all excited. Expect Expect (5) We expect good things.
Expressively Interacting Expressively Interacting Expressively interacting with others Extrovert Extrovert Extroverts are always talking.
Faith Faith He was extremely faithful to her. I Fear I Fear I fear evil people.
Feel Feel (15) How do you feel today? Feisty Feisty He was feisty.
Fickle Fickle Don't be so fickle. I Fight I Fight I fight for justice.
Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility. Stay Focused Stay Focused Stay really focused.
Frantic Frantic Frantically. Free Free Be free.
Fresh Fresh She has a fresh personality. Friend Friend Are you friendly?
Frustration Frustration (2) Frustration. Fulfillment Fulfillment Fulfillment.
Full of Life Full of Life I am alive. Fun Loving Fun Loving Redirection to Fun …
Generosity Generosity Can you loan me $20.00? Genuine Genuine Be genuine
Broad Gestures Broad Gestures Some people make broad gestures when they talk. Glad Glad You should be glad.
Personal Goal Personal Goal What are your personal goals? Good Good (6) Are you a good person?
Goofy Goofy Don't act so goofy. Grace Grace She was perfectly graceful.
Great Great Great. Greedy People Greedy People Are you greedy?
Grin Grin Broad grin. Good Grooming Good Grooming Good grooming.
Gun Shy Gun Shy He has been gun shy since the accident. Gut Instinct Gut Instinct What are your gut instincts.
Habit Habit What are your habits? Work Hard Work Hard Are you hard working?
Harsh Harsh Don't be harsh with me. I Hate I Hate I hate it.
I Have I Have I have to … Heart Heart Redirection to Heart …
Personal and Family History Personal and Family History Personal and family history Holiness Holiness Be holy.
Hope Hope (4) We hope so. Hostile People Hostile People Hostile people.
Humble Humble Be humble. Humiliate Humiliate Humiliation.
Humor Humor Humor. Humor Humor A great sense of humor.
Hyperactive Hyperactive Hyperactive children. Hypochondriac Hypochondriac She was a hypochondriac.
Identification Identification Do you have any Identification? Identity Identity Who are you?
Tarnished Image Tarnished Image He tarnished his image. Imagination Imagination Do you have an imagination?
Impulsive Impulsive Are you impulsive? Incompetent Incompetent Incompetent person.
Independent Person Independent Person A independent person. Personal Information Personal Information Personal Information.
Inhibited and Uninhibited Inhibited and Uninhibited Inhibited and uninhibited. Personal Initiative Personal Initiative Take some initiative.
Innocent Innocent (4) Innocent. Insecure Person Insecure Person Emotional insecurity
Integrity Integrity Do you have integrity? Intellectual Curiosity Intellectual Curiosity Why do you want to know?
Intelligent Intelligent He is intelligent. Intention Intention (3) Intentions.
Interest Interest Are you interested? Introvert Introvert Sometimes, I am shy.
Intuitive Intuitive I knew that. Involved Involved You need to get Involved.
Irrational Irrational Irrational. Irresistible Irresistible She was irresistible.
Irresponsible Irresponsible He was Irresponsible. Irritability Irritability Leave me alone.
Isolation Isolation Isolation. Joy Joy (3) I got joy in my heart.
Judgment Judgment Personal Judgment. Kind Hearted Kind Hearted Be kind.
I Know I Know I know it. Laid Back Laid Back Relax.
Leadership Abilities Leadership Abilities (4) Effective leadership. Lethargy Lethargy Lethargy.
I Like I Like I like you, because are nice. Lip Service Lip Service Do you really mean what your say?
I Listen I Listen I listen to it. Loving Loving (3) I love you.
Questionable Loyalties Questionable Loyalties Are you really loyal? Manners Manners Good manners.
Mature Mature Are you mature? Memory Memory Redirection to Mind …
Mental Breakdown Mental Breakdown Mental Breakdown. Mercy Mercy Mercy.
Mind Mind Redirection to mind … Mischief Mischief Mischief.
Mischievous Person Mischievous Person What are you up to now? Miserable Miserable Don't make me miserable.
I Miss I Miss I miss her. Moods Moods (8) Are you moody?
Moody Moody She was extremely moody. Morale Boosting Morale Boosting Morale Boosting.
Motivation Motivation Motivation. Motive Motive (2) Motives.
Name Name (2) What does your name mean? Nature Nature (2) Natural behavior.
Personal Need Personal Need (6) We need it. Negative Negative Negative.
Continuous Negligence Continuous Negligence Continuous Negligence. Nice Nice Be nice to other people.
Normal and Abnormal People Normal and Abnormal People Abnormal personality types. Nurturing Nurturing Nurturing.
Odd Way Odd Way He has an odd way of doing things. Open-Mind Open-Mind Open-Mind.
Opinionated Opinionated Opinionated. Outgoing Outgoing Outgoing.
Outspoken Outspoken Outspoken. Overbearing Overbearing Overbearing individuals.
Overwhelmed Overwhelmed Overwhelmed. Passion Passion Passionate
Persistence Persistence Persistence. Play Play She was playful.
Positive Positive Be positive. Practical Practical Practical.
Preference Preference I have some personal preferences. Priorities Priorities (2) Priorities.
Invasive of Privacy Invasive of Privacy Invasive of another's privacy Privilege Privilege Personal privileges.
Proactive Proactive Proactive. Personal and Professional lives Personal and Professional lives Personal and Professional lives.
Punctual Punctual Be on time. Pure Pure Purity
Qualities Qualities What are your personal qualities? Quiet Quiet Quiet.
Quirk Quirk Quirk. Reactions Reactions (3) What caused people to react?
Realistic Realistic Realistic. Reasonable Person Reasonable Person Are you a reasonable person?
Open Rebellion Open Rebellion Open rebellion. Reckless Reckless Reckless.
Regret Regret I regret everything. Reject Reject (3) He felt the rejection.
Reluctant Reluctant I am very reluctant. Reputation Reputation Your personal reputation.
Resentment Resentment Lingering resentment. Passive Resistance Passive Resistance I don't want to do it.
Respect Respect (2) Do you respect others? Responsibility Responsibility Are you responsible?
Restless Restless He was increasingly restless. Ridicules Ridicules Ridicules.
Romance and Adventure Romance and Adventure Looking for romance and adventure. Romantic Romantic Hopeless-Romantic
Ruthless Ruthless Ruthless. Sarcastic Sarcastic Sarcastic.
Sassy Sassy Sassy. Satisfied Satisfied Be satisfied.
Satisfaction Satisfaction I am satisfied. Seriously Scared Seriously Scared She was seriously scared.
I Search I Search I search … Secrecy Secrecy (2) What are you doing?
Self Self (12) Yourself. Sensitive Sensitive You are too sensitive.
Shame Shame I am a shamed of you. Shy Shy Don't be shy.
Silly Silly Silly. Simple Simple Keep is simple.
Sincere Sincere She was sincere. Sinister Sinister He was downright sinister.
Skeptic Skeptic (2) Skeptic. Smart Person Smart Person Are you smart?
Smile Smile Try to smile at everyone Social Social Social Conscience
Sophisticated Sophisticated Sophisticated. Soul Soul (5) Do you have soul?
Speech Speech Do you have an accent? Person Spirit Person Spirit (5) You have a spirit.
Spontaneous Spontaneous Spontaneous. Sporty Sporty Sporty.
Squeamish Squeamish Don't be squeamish. Stability Stability Stability.
Straight to the point Straight to the point Straight to the point. Straight up Straight up Straight up.
Stress Stress (3) Stress. Stupid Stupid Complete and utter stupidity.
Subdued Subdued Subdued. Submission Submission Submission.
Suffer Suffer I don't want to suffer. Sweet Sweet She has a sweet personality.
Sympathy Sympathy Sympathy. Talk Talk She never stops talking.
Chronic Tardiness Chronic Tardiness Chronic Tardiness Temperament Temperament What is your temperament?
Temptations Temptations Personal Temptations Tendencies Tendencies He had strong tendencies.
Tenderhearted Tenderhearted Tenderhearted. Thank Thank We are thankful.
I Think I Think I think … Thrill-Seeking Thrill-Seeking Thrill-Seeking.
Thrill-Seekers Thrill-Seekers Thrill-Seekers. Tolerant Tolerant Tolerant.
Tough Tough Tough Man. Rigid Traditionalism Rigid Traditionalism Rigid traditionalism.
Trauma Trauma Trauma. Traumatized Psyche Traumatized Psyche Traumatized Psyche.
Traveled Traveled Redirection to Travel … I tried I tried I tried to do it.
Trouble Trouble Trouble within Trust Trust (3) Do you trust me?
Truthful Truthful Tell the truth. Turmoil Turmoil Turmoil.
Unborn Child Unborn Child Unborn Child. Understand Understand Understand.
Urgency Urgency (2) Greater sense of urgency. Vain Vain Why are you so vain.
Value Value What are your values? Vengeance Vengeance Vengeance.
Vibrant Vibrant Vibrant. Vile Person Vile Person Vile Person.
Violent Violent Violent Reactions Vivacious Vivacious He was vivacious.
Voice Voice (7) I can influence others. Void Void Do you have a void in your life?
Vulnerable Vulnerable The most vulnerable people. Wacky People Wacky People She was wacky.
Want Want We all have wants, and needs. Weak Weak What is your weakness?
Wild Wild She is a wild woman. Will Will (2) I will …
Wise Wise Get wisdom. I Wish I Wish I wish …
Withdraw Withdraw He has no friends. Witty Witty Witty.
I Wonder I Wonder I wonder … Worry Worry I was worried sick about you.
Worth Worth You are Worthy Wrong Wrong Wrongdoing.
Zest Zest She has a zest for life.
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