Human Body 
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Human Body

Human Body


We come in all shapes and sizes.

You are unique, and special. Even though heredity influences what your body looks like, what you eat and how much you exercise plays important roles in your overall appearance.
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The root word: Body     Key words: Body, Bodies, Bodily     Spanish: Cuerpo humano     French: Corps

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Abnormal Abnormal Please don't stare at me. Age Age (3) How old are you?
Appearance Appearance (9) You look good. Appetite Appetite (2) I am hungry again.
Arm Arm (9) I have two arms. Back Back (3) Watch your back.
Beard Beard (5) He had a beard. Belly Belly (5) Your belly.
Biology Biology Redirection to Biology … Biometrics Biometrics Human body biometrics.
Blood Blood Redirection to Blood … Bone Bone Redirection to bones …
Breath Breath (15) Don't breathe on me. Body Build Body Build (2) Body build.
Chest Chest Chest. Ear Ear (11) Can you hear me? I hear you.
Energy Level Energy Level (3) How much energy do you have? Expression Expression (2) Facial expressions
Eyes Eyes Redirection to Eyes … Face Face Redirection to Face …
Body Fat Body Fat Are you fat. Feet Feet (13) I have two feet.
Fingers and Thumbs Fingers and Thumbs (8) Fingers and thumbs. Flesh Flesh (2) To the flesh.
Body Fluid Body Fluid (5) Body fluids. Gender Gender (3) Both Male and Female.
Hair Hair Redirection to Hair … Hand Hand Redirection to Hands …
Head Head (7) The top of your head. Healthy Body Healthy Body Maintaining a healthy body.
Heart Heart Redirection to Heart … Hips Hips Hips.
Body Image Body Image What is your image of yourself? Internal Organs Internal Organs (9) Internal organs of the body.
Jaw Jaw (2) Jaw. Joint Joint (6) Joints.
Kidney Kidney Kidneys. Knees Knees Knees.
Lame Lame He was lame. Body Language Body Language I can see what you are saying.
Leg Leg (11) You have two legs. Measure Measure (5) What are your body measurements?
Motion Motion She was making motions and gestures. Mouth Mouth Redirection to Mouth …
Muscle Muscle (4) Skeletal Muscles Nail Nail (5) Fingernails, and toe nails.
Neck Neck (5) Neck. Nervous Nerves Nervous Nerves (2) Are your nerves nervous?
Nose Nose (6) I smell it. Body Odor Body Odor (5) What smells funny?
Perfect Body Perfect Body No body is perfect. Posture Posture (5) How is your posture?
Reflex Reflex I have quick reflexes. Scalp Scalp Scalp.
Sense Sense (4) Human body senses. Body Shape Body Shape (2) What shape are you in?
Shoulder Shoulder (7) She rested her head on my shoulder. Signature Signature How do you sign your name.
Skin Skin Redirection to Skin … Smell and Odor Smell and Odor (4) Do you smell something?
Body Sound Body Sound (2) Sounds your body makes. Speech Speech (2) Talk to me.
Stomach Stomach (2) The stomach. Strength Strength Physical strength.
Swallow Swallow Do you have trouble swallowing? Symmetry Symmetry Body symmetry.
System System Do all your systems work? Teeth Teeth (14) Take care of your teeth.
Temperature Temperature Body temperature. Body Temperature Body Temperature (2) Do you have a fever?
Thighs Thighs (3) Thighs. Throat Throat (3) In the back of my throat.
Toe Toe (6) I have ten toes. Tongue Tongue (14) Tongue.
Body Type Body Type (11) Types of bodies. Voice Voice (8) Speaker recognition.
Weak Weak She was so weak. Yawn Yawn Are you tired?
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