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Action verbs. Take action now.

Things to do. We are willing to stand up for our actions and to accept responsibility for them.
The root word: Action     Key words: Action, Actions     Spanish: Acción

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Abstain Abstain Abstain from all that is evil. Accept Accept (3) I will accept your gifts.
Agree Agree Strenuously disagree. Answer Answer Answer the questions.
Appear Appear He appeared unto thee. Applause Applause (2) She warmly applauded his efforts.
Argue Argue She passionately argued her point. Ask Ask (2) Ask for it.
Babble Babble He was babbling nervously. Back Back (3) Get back!
Bale Out Bale Out Bale out the water. Bang Bang (3) What was that bang?
Beat Beat (2) Don't beat down the door. Beg Beg I am begging for help.
Believe Believe I believe in God. Bend Bend (6) Who bent it?
Bind Up Bind Up Bind up your wounds. Bite Bite (2) Don't bite your lip.
Blast Off Blast Off Are you ready to blast off? Blot Out Blot Out They will be blotted out.
Blow Blow (5) The north wind is blowing. Blurt Out Blurt Out What did you say.
Boil Boil (2) The water is boiling. Borrow Borrow Don't borrow money.
Bother Bother Don't bother me. Bounce Back Bounce Back Can you bounce back?
Bow Bow (2) Bow before the king. Break Break (7) Don't break it.
Bring Bring (5) Bring it home. Build Up Build Up We should build up each other.
Bump Bump Don't bump into me. Burn Burn Redirection to Fire …
Burst Burst There was a sudden burst. Buy Buy Did you buy it?
Calculate Calculate Does it all add up? Call Call (4) Call for help
Calm Down Calm Down You need to calm down. Capture Capture Capture the wild beast.
Carry Carry (8) Carry out the garbage. Carve Out Carve Out Carve out a niche for yourself.
Cast Cast (2) Cast your net. Catch Up Catch Up Catch Fish.
Celebrate Celebrate Come celebrate with me. Change Change I don't like making changes.
Chase Chase (2) Don't chase me. Cheat Cheat Have you been cheating?
Check Out Check Out Check this out. Cheer Up Cheer Up Cheer up, its not that bad.
Chip Away Chip Away I am chipping away at the problem. Choke Off Choke Off Choke off the flow.
Choose Choose Choose the best choice. Chop Chop (2) What should I chop?
Chore Chore Have you done all your chores yet? Churn Up Churn Up Churn the butter.
Clap Clap Clap your hands. Clean Clean (4) Clean the mess.
Clear Clear (2) It is starting to clear up. Cleave Cleave She will cleave unto him.
Click Click The button was clicked. Climb Climb (7) Climb up a ladder.
Close Close (4) Close the curtains. Coast Along Coast Along He was just coasting along.
Come Come (24) Come to me. Comfort Comfort Can you comfort me.
Commit Commit Commit yourself. Community Service Community Service Can you help?
Confront Confront I avoid confrontation. Connect Connect Connect the dots.
Conquer Conquer I like to conquer. Consider Consider Consider all your options.
Continuous Action Continuous Action They never stop. Cool Down Cool Down I am cooling down.
Correct Action Correct Action Take corrective action now. Cough Cough Cough it up.
Count Count Who is keeping count? Cover Up Cover Up Cover it up.
Crack Down Crack Down Crack down on crime. Crank Up Crank Up The car cranked up quickly.
Crawl Crawl (3) Why are you crawling? Create Create Create something beautiful.
Creep Slow Creep Slow Creep slowly into the room. Criticism Criticism Why are you so critical?
Cross Cross Cross the threshold. Crush Down Crush Down Crush it down.
Cry Cry (2) Why was she crying? Cuddle Up Cuddle Up Cuddle up close together.
Curl Up Curl Up Curl up on the couch. Cut Cut (6) Cut it.
Dance Dance (2) I could dance all night. Dare Dare Do you dare to go inside?
Defend Defend Fiercely defending my property. Deliver Deliver (4) Deliver us from evil.
Depart Depart They departed from him. Dig Dig (3) What are you digging for?
Distribute Distribute What are you distributing? Disturb Disturb Don't disturb me when I work.
Dive Deep Dive Deep (2) Deep dive. Do Something Do Something (2) Do something now.
Drag Drag (5) Something is dragging. Draw Draw (2) Draw a picture.
Dredge Up Dredge Up Dredge up. Dress Up Dress Up Get all dressed up.
Drift Drift (3) Are you drifting? Drink Drink What are you drinking?
Drive Drive (6) I am driven. Drop Drop (5) Why did you drop it?
Drowned Out Drowned Out Don't drowned me out. Dry Up Dry Up Dry up the water.
Eat Eat I am hungry. Empty Out Empty Out It empties out.
Encourage Encourage I want to encourage others. Enter Enter Enter the gates.
Escape Escape (2) He wants to escape. Evacuate Evacuate Evacuate the building.
Examine Examine It was meticulously examined. Exit Exit Make a hasty exit.
Fade Away Fade Away It is fading away. Fall Fall (15) Do you feel like you are falling?
Fan Out Fan Out They fanned out. Feel Feel How do you feel today?
Fight Fight (2) Will you fight for me? Figure Out Figure Out Figure it out yourself.
File File File the papers. Fill Fill (3) Fill it.
Find Find (2) You shall find it. Fix Fix Fix it up.
Flare Up Flare Up It will flare up. Flee Away Flee Away They shall flee away.
Flip Flip (3) Flip. Float Float (4) I am floating.
Flow Flow Can you just flow with me. Flush Flush (3) Flush it.
Fly Fly (2) I will fly away. Fold Up Fold Up Fold it up and put it away.
Follow Follow (3) Come and follow me. Force Force (2) Don't force me.
Forge Ahead Forge Ahead Forging ahead. Forgive Forgive I need forgiveness.
Forsake Forsake Thou forsaken me. Gather Gather (5) What are you gathering?
Get Get (12) Do you get it? Give Give (9) Do you give to others in need?
Glance Glance (4) Take a quick glance. Glide Down Glide Down Glide down.
Go Go (18) Go to Church. Goof Off Goof Off Are you goofing off again?
Grab Grab Grab it fast before it is gone. Greet Greet (2) Greetings to you my friend.
Grind Grind Grind it down. Grow Up Grow Up The children are growing up.
Guard Guard Guard your heart. Handle Handle I can't handle it.
Hang Hang (7) Hang in there. Haul Haul (2) Haul a load.
Heat Up Heat Up Heat up the food. Help Help (3) Help me.
Hide Hide (5) Why are you hiding? Hit Hit (2) Can you hit the target.
Hold Hold (6) I want to hold your hand. Hook Up Hook Up Hook it up.
Hop Around Hop Around Rabbits like to hop around my yard. Hover Over Hover Over The helicopter hovered over.
Huddle Around Huddle Around They were huddled around the fire. Hunker Down Hunker Down They were hunkered down.
Inhale Inhale She inhaled deeply. Join Join We are joined together.
Judge Judge Don't judge me. Jump Jump (6) She was jumping up and down.
Keep Keep (5) What is keeping you? Kick Kick (5) Kick the ball.
Kneel Kneel Kneel down and pray. Knock Knock (6) Knock on the door.
Laugh Laugh What's so funny? Launch Launch Launch the rocket.
Lead Lead Lead the way. Leak Out Leak Out It leaked out.
Lean Lean Lean on me. Leap Leap Can you leap over a wall?
Leave Leave (2) Are you leaving? Let Go Let Go Let go of me.
Lift Lift (5) Lift it up high. Light Up Light Up You light up my life.
Limp Off Limp Off He went limping off the stage. Listen Listen (2) What do you hear?
Load Load Load up the wagon. Lock Lock (3) Lock the door.
Look Look (16) Look but don't touch. Maintain Maintain Maintain your possessions.
Make Make (5) What are you making? Meet Meet Meet me later.
Melt Melt (2) Melt the wax. Mend Mend Mend your clothes.
Miss Out Miss Out You are missing out. Mix Up Mix Up Are you all mixed up?
Mock Mock Don't mock me. Motivate Motivate How can we motivate you?
Move Move (16) Are you moving? Nibble Nibble Take small bites and nibble.
Offensive Offensive Offensive Actions Open Open (3) It is now open.
Organize Organize Get organized now. Overcome Overcome Overcome your bad habits.
Pass Pass (8) Can you pass it? Pay Attention Pay Attention Are you paying attention to me?
Sneak Peak Sneak Peak Sneak a peak. Pick Pick (2) Pick it up off the floor.
Pitch In Pitch In Everybody pitches in. Pity Pity Don't pity me.
Pivot Pivot Pivot around. Plan Plan What are you planning?
Plant Flower Plant Flower Plant some flowers. Play Play (3) I like to play music.
Plow Plow Plow the field. Pluck Pluck Pluck it off.
Plunge Plunge (4) Plunge. Point Out Point Out May we point out a few things?
Poke Poke (2) Don't poke me! Pop Pop (3) Just pop it.
Pour Pour (2) Pour the water. Practice Practice Practice what you preach.
Pray Pray Pray for me everyday. Preach Preach Preach the word of God.
Present Gift Present Gift Do you have a present for me? Press Press (3) Press the button.
Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize your tasks. Proceed Proceed Proceeded smoothly forward.
Protest Protest Are you protesting something? Pull Pull (9) Pull the cart.
Push Push (10) Don't push me. Put Put (8) Where will you put it?
Raise Up Raise Up Raise up the flag. Reach Out Reach Out Reach out and help someone.
Read Read Do you like to read books? Rebuke Rebuke Rebuke.
Receive Gift Receive Gift We like to receive gifts. Recognize Recognize Do you recognize me?
Reject Reject Don't reject me. Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice in the Lord.
Relax Relax I need to relax. Release Release Release me.
Remind Remind Don't remind me again. Remove Remove Why did you remove it?
Repent Repent When will you repent? Rescue Rescue Can you rescue me.
Resist Resist Resist the Devil, and he will flee. Respond Respond Please respond to me.
Rest Rest She is resting comfortably. Restore Restore Restore me.
Return Return (2) Return home. Ride Ride Go for a ride.
Ring Ring Did you ring my bell? Rinse Off Rinse Off Rinse off the dirt.
Rip Rip (5) Who ripped it? Rise Rise (3) Rise to the occasion.
Rock Back and Forth Rock Back and Forth She was rocking back and forth. Roll Roll (7) Roll on the floor and laugh.
Rub Down Rub Down I need a rub down. Run Run (13) Run away and hide.
Rush Rush Rush around. Salute Salute Military greeting.
Save Save Save your money. Say Say Say something.
Scan Scan What have you been scanning? Scare Away Scare Away They are scaring me away.
Scatter Scatter (2) Scatter the seeds. Scrape Scrape (3) How did you scrape it?
Scratch Scratch (3) Don't scratch the paint. Scream Scream Scream real loud.
Scribbling Down Scribbling Down He was scribbling down some notes. Scrub Scrub Scrub it clean.
Search Out Search Out Searched it out. Seek Seek Seek and you will find.
Send Send (5) Send me a letter. Serve Serve Who will you serve?
Set Set (6) Set the table. Settle Down Settle Down You have got to settle down.
Shake Shake (6) Why are you shaking? Share Share Share it with others.
Shine Out Shine Out Shining out. Shoot Shoot (3) Don't shoot yourself.
Shout Shout (2) I want to shout about it. Show Me Show Me (2) Show me how to do it.
Shred Up Shred Up Shred up documents. Shrug Off Shrug Off They shrugged off my concerns.
Shut Shut (5) Shut the door. Sign Sign (2) Sign your name.
Silence Silence Be quiet! Sink Boat Sink Boat Don't sink the boat.
Sit Sit (7) Sit down, and be quiet. Skid Off Skid Off The car skidded off the road.
Skip Skip (2) She will skip for joy. Slam Slam (5) Don't slam the door.
Sleep Sleep Why are you sleeping? Slice Through Slice Through Slice through it.
Slide Slide (3) Just let it slide. Slip Slip (7) Slip out the back door.
Slow Down Slow Down Please slow down. Slump Over Slump Over He was all slumped over.
Slurp Slurp Slurp it up with a straw. Smear Smear Don't smear it.
Smell Smell Stop and smell the roses. Snap Snap (2) Snap your fingers.
Snatch Up Snatch Up They will snatch it up. Sneak Out Sneak Out Sneak out the back.
Snuggle Up Snuggle Up I like to snuggle up with my wife. Soak Soak Soak in water, and get wet.
Solve Solve Solve problems. Sort Sort Sort your papers.
Sow Sow Sow your seeds. Speak Speak Speak to me.
Speed Up Speed Up Can you speed up? Spill Spill (2) Did you spill it?
Spin Spin (4) Spin. Spiral Spiral Spiral.
Spit Spit (2) Don't spit in public places. Splash Across Splash Across It was splashed across.
Spray Spray Spraying chemicals. Spread Spread (4) What are you spreading?
Spring Up Spring Up It just springs up inside of me. Sprinkle Across Sprinkle Across Sprinkle it across to top.
Squeeze Squeeze (3) Fresh squeezed orange juice. Stamp Out Stamp Out Stamp out violence.
Stand Stand (12) Stand up and do something. Stare into Space Stare into Space He was just staring into space.
Start Here Start Here Where should you start? Stay Stay (6) Stay with me.
Steer Steer Steer a car. Step Step (11) What are the steps of action?
Stir Up Stir Up She was stirring up the pot. Stamp Feet Stamp Feet Stomp your feet.
Stop Stop (6) Stop everything. Stop it right now. Straighten Out Straighten Out You need to straighten out.
Stray Into Stray Into She strayed into the room. Stretch Stretch I am stretching everyday.
Struggle On Struggle On Life is a struggle. Study Study Study for the test.
Stumbling Stumbling (3) What have you stumbled into? Submit Submit Submit to your leader.
Surrender Surrender Never surrender, never give up. Sustain Sustain Sustain me.
Swallow Swallow (2) He swallow it. Sweep Sweep (3) Sweeping changes are coming.
Swim Away Swim Away The big fish just swam away. Swing Swing (2) Swing.
Swirl Around Swirl Around Swirl around the milk shake. Take Take (12) Did you take it?
Talk Talk (3) Talk to me. Tap Out Tap Out Tap into it.
Teach Teach Teach me how to do it. Tear Tear (4) Tear.
Tell Tell (3) Can I tell you something? Think Think Redirection to Mind …
Throw Throw (5) Throw me the ball. Tickling Tickling Don't tickle me.
Tie Together Tie Together Tying It Together. Torque Calibration Torque Calibration Don't make it too tight, or too loose.
Toss Toss (3) He is tossing his stuff. Touch Touch (2) Don't touch me.
Trace Out Pattern Trace Out Pattern He was tracing out patterns. Track Down Track Down How can we track them down?
Trust Trust I am trusting in you. Tuck Tuck (2) The children are tucked in bed.
Tumble Down Tumble Down He tumble down the hill. Turn Turn (9) Go in the right direction.
Urgent Action Urgent Action You need to take urgent action. Use Use Are you using me?
Visit Me Visit Me (8) Thank you for visiting me. Wade Into Wade Into He waded into the water.
Wait Wait I am waiting for you. Wake Up Wake Up I finally woke up.
Walk Walk (10) Go for a leisurely walk. Wander Wander (3) Children like to wander.
Wash Wash (6) Wash your clothes. Watch Watch (4) Do you like to watch videos?
Wave Wave Wave the flag. Wean Off Wean Off They weaned him off the milk.
Wear Out Wear Out My clothes tend to wear out. Whisk Away Whisk Away They quickly whisked him away.
Whisper Whisper Why are you whispering quietly? Wiggle Wiggle Children wiggle in their seats.
Wind Down Wind Down I am winding down. Wipe Wipe (4) Wipe it up.
Withdraw Withdraw Rapid withdrawal. Work Work Work with me.
Worship God Worship God Redirection to Religion … Wrap Wrap (2) It was neatly wrapped.
Yell Yell Yell out loud. Yield Up Yield Up Yield your rights.
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Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.   1 Samuel 2:3 
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